See-Thru Window Cleaners
4936 Yonge St. #521, Willowdale, Ontario, M2N 6S3
(416) 225-6378

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About The Company

The company was founded in 1972 by Gary Costelec. He opted to form his own operation after having worked for some of the larger window cleaning companies in the Toronto area and finding their residential standard somewhat unestablished. Gary opened the company as Clearview Window Cleaners with the intent of providing residential window cleaning of a consistently high standard.

David Muir (the current owner) began working for Gary in October 1984. Some years later Gary purchased See-Thru Window Cleaning which consisted of a series of stores and other commercial window contracts. Gary later merged the two entities into See-Thru Window Cleaners. When Gary decided to retire from window cleaning, David bought the customer list from Gary and continued operations as See-Thru Window Cleaners. Occasionally Gary gets nostalgic and checks in.

We are currently located at Yonge St and Sheppard Ave in Willowdale and service primarily North York and surrounding areas.