See-Thru Window Cleaners
4936 Yonge St. #521, Willowdale, Ontario, M2N 6S3
(416) 225-6378

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About The Owner

[HeadShot Pic] David Muir

I'm 58 years old (that picture is old - I'm much uglier now), married with 4 kids and 9 grandkids. We also have 3 dogs (sadly, the rabbit is no more). The dogs are much better behaved than the kids ever were (or are for that matter). Apparently my wife has decided to become a zookeeper in her spare time as we now also have 3 birds, a gecho, a hampster, and more guinea pigs than I can count (doesn't include my daughter's pet collection which rival's my wife's).

The single most important thing you need to know about me is that I am lazy. I work smart - not hard (unless I have to of course).

I've been cleaning windows since October 1984. Prior to that I had a number of jobs ranging from courier to restaurant manager. I take pride in my work and I have little faith that others will take the same pride. I'm not so much an expert at window cleaning as I am just a guy with a whole lot of practice. I met Gary (the previous owner) while I was managing a restaurant (we hired him to clean our windows). Upon leaving the restaurant I approached him in the fall of 1984 and offered to work for him cheaply over the winter ( I figured if I couldn't handle it over the winter then it wasn't the job for me). I worked for Gary for a few years, then went back to restaurant management for a couple of years. After deciding that restaurant management wasn't for me in the long term, I called Gary only to find that the business had gone from a medium sized operation with 3 teams to a one man operation. I worked with Gary for about a year before he decided that he'd had enough window cleaning. I leased the business for a year before deciding to buy it from him. I haven't seen Gary for more than a few years now and I suspect that he's no longer with us.

My interests are mainly technology related (computers cell phones and things like that). In my circles, I'm the computer guru and the go-to guy when it comes to anything computer/technology related. I love to tear things apart and every now and again I manage to put them back together. I've dabbled in programming but never really got into it. So most of my BLAH-G (blog) will likely relate to things involving technology. As with many men my age, I know a little about everything and not nearly enough about anything.

The only other significant fact anyone needs to know is that I have an opinion about almost everything and who knows, maybe one day I'll share some of them on the web.

Opinion #1

Grandparenthood is WAY better than parenthood. Just remember what your kids put you through, then give the grandkids all kinds of sweets and ice cream and send them home to their parents. Oh and don't be afraid to take them out to the pet store and show them all the rodents and rabbits and reptiles and snakes. Be sure to explain why they're so much fun to have and so easy to care for. And remember, tadpoles make wonderful gifts. You children will thank you every time they see you (although they may never ask you to babysit again). Your parents weren't going senile, it was all part of "the plan". :)

Opinion #2

Cyclists vs Drivers - I hate 'em both. It doesn't matter which I'm doing. Cyclists don't follow the rules of the road and have absolutely no consideration for drivers (just because you can get hurt doesn't mean I should have to change lanes to get past you or stop at a green light so you can run the red). And drivers are worse. Just because you won't be the one getting hurt doesn't mean you can ignore that cyclists do exist. What kind of system lets someone pass a test when they're 16 years old and green lights them virtually for the rest of their life without ever having to prove they're still capable? And worse yet, what kind of system allows someone with absolutely no training and no proof of ability to operate a bicycle on a road where they can be killed in an instant. We don't need more bicycle lanes, we need bicycle licenses before people are allowed to share the road with cars. And people on bikes need to be a lot more wary of cars. I mean we can put "He had the right of way" on your tombstone but will that make it better? It's not that one is right and the other is wrong, it's that you're both so darned busy blaming the other guy, you can't be bothered to fix your side (because I am both a perfect driver and a perfect cyclist doncha know...).


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