See-Thru Window Cleaners
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We offer the following services in the North York area primarily

(although we do also serve other areas of Toronto).

Washing of windows - This is the mainstay of the business. I wash residential windows using a sponge (or applicator depending on the specific task) and a squeegee. Some special surfaces require the use of a polishing cloth or other tools. Note that I am only equipped to do buildings 3 stories or less in height. I do not do construction cleans or commercial properties.

Washing of vinyl and aluminum siding - This is done "by hand". Or more accurately with a brush, a bucket some soap and water and a hose. Essentially it is washed in much the same manner as a car would be washed in a do-it-yourself carwash (except of course that the soap is designed specifically for cleaning house exteriors).

Clearing of eavestrough - This is also done by hand. I have not yet found a mechanical system which gives the same results. Officially this involves simply removing the debris from your eavestrough, but often I will flush or blow out the eaves after they have been cleaned (depending on the circumstances) to remove smaller debris which could not be removed easily by hand and/or to ensure that the downpipes are clear and running freely.

Installation of GutterFilter® - I can install *GutterFilter® in most eavestroughs. Although the cost is significantly more than aluminum screening mentioned below, it is well worth the cost difference. Significant differences are that the company claims you will NEVER need to clean your eavestroughs again (or for at least 20 years anyway), and since they do not rely on your roof in any way to keep them in place, they do not interefere with re-roofing and need not be repaired or replaced after re-roofing. The price for installation is usually $5.00 per linear foot (depending on the conditions of the installation the price could be higher).

*Note : due to some legal wrangling over intellectual property rights, I feel obligated to say that GutterFilterâ„¢ is a registered trademark of it's owner. For more information on this product please do a search in your favourite search engine.

Installation of eavestrough screens - I also install aluminum eavestrough screening. I use only aluminum screening (do not EVER use plastic screening for this purpose as it actually causes many more problems than it fixes). Eaves screening is not for everyone, and most importantly installing eaves screening does NOT mean that you will never have to clean your eavestroughs again. It means that you will "probably" have to clean them a lot less often. They are generally recommended when someone has significant overflowing or recurring blockages between cleanings. The screening I use can be easily tilted away for cleaning under it when necessary (I do not recommend using systems which cannot be moved out of the way without tools).

Bug screen repairs - I replace insect screening. Virtually all of the screen I use is the charcoal coloured vinyl screening. Although I "can" re-screen with other screening (other colours or metal screen), it will cost significantly more. The spline may or may not be replaced when the screen is done.