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What is GutterFilter®?

I have to start by saying that up until today (quite some time ago now) I have always been a bit ambiguous on this site as to exactly which product I am installing (there are 2 products using this name in Canada - one manufactured in Canada and one imported from the U.S.). And until I saw the "other" guys literally change someone else's words so it sounded like it was supporting their product rather than the U.S. product which I install (and the product actually endorsed), I would only answer that question on the phone or in person. So lets be absolutely clear that the product I install is the product supplied by and not by the company based in Toronto (who's name I won't mention for fear that they might profit from their dishonesty). The review can be see on Jon Eakes site (Jon Eakes has over 30 years of experience in the home improvement business and is North America's longest running, still standing TV and Radio home improvement personality). Oh! and in case you're thinking I am just another guy badmouthing the competition, let me inform you that I had previously installed the "Canada" version of this product on a number of houses some years ago. 2 years after installation, 2 of those installations showed very significant formations of plant growth IN the product and fungus growth IN the product (I have not checked the other installations, but none of the installations of the product I currently install have reported any similar issues). Please consider carefully before purchasing GutterFilter® clones (even ones that use the same name).

Now that I've got that off my chest, we can get technical or I can send you off to the official homepage where you will be innundated with facts and a big sales pitch, or I can can give you the quick and dirty version.

GutterFilter® is a polyeurethane insert for your eavestrough which will prevent debris from clogging the system.

[GutterFilter Pic 1] [GutterFilter Pic 2] [GutterFilter Pic 3]

As you can see it has a flat top surface (on which most things will simply dry up and blow away) and an open channel inside the eavestrough to allow the water to travel unimpeded along the eavestrough to your downpipes.

Water flows through it like gangbusters (I'm not really that old, but I always liked that expression). Seriously though, it doesn't "absorb" water. Water flows through it very quickly and not much else does get through it, so it makes an excellent filter (letting the water make it's way to your downpipes and keeping virtually everything else out of the way). It has a biocide to prevent mildew and plant growth.

For most installations, it will represent the last time the eavestroughs will ever need to be cleaned (some installations may require brushing off the top surface occasionally where the wind is not sufficient to blow the debris from the it).

It simply presses into your existing eavestroughs (once grooves are cut to accomodate your ferrules/spikes or hangers).

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