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Why do I install GutterFilter®?

I suppose that's the most important question. I mean, I could just continue to clean everyone's eavestroughs and charge you all once or twice a year, so why would I cut into my own profits to install GutterFilter® for you? Ah, I must be making a fortune in markup! Nope. Sadly I will make far more cleaning your eavestroughs than I will installing GutterFilter®.

Okay, so I still haven't answerred the question. Fair enough. When I was talking to the GutterFilter® higher up muckitty mucks, I tried to explain that I wasn't really interested in being a dealer so much as helping out those customers who actually needed something to protect their eavestroughs. And of course that got about the same reaction from them as it probably does from you.

Sadly, that's the truth. Some of my customers really should be installing some kind of protection and on a value for the dollar scale, GutterFilter® is the best I've seen. Yes it's more than twice as expensive as aluminum screens, but it is far more than twice as effective. The truth is, if you're even considering installing screens then you should be installing GutterFilter®.

So why not some "other" product? Well, I have to be honest, there are a lot of products that will protect your eaves to some degree or another. Some are less expensive and some are more expensive. There are even clones of GutterFilter® which claim to be as good. But for the research I did and the products I've seen in real world usage, GutterFilter® gives the best bang for the buck. I even looked at a couple of the "clones" and they weren't as good (in my opinion) as GutterFilter® (and in fact were more expensive).

So the reason I chose to install GutterFilter® is as simple as . . . for those customers who need something, I want to help them get the best value for their dollar. And quite simply , that's GutterFilter®.