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I know that having a web page with pictures of my dogs on the business site isn't the most "professional" approach, but sometimes you gotta be a person and not just a business.

This is my sweetie - Sara (strangely it turns out we don't take many pictures of her, but she's still my sweetie)

This is her before we adopted her (when her name was "Rexy").

[Sara Pic]


This is her looking as pretty as ever

[Sara 2 Pic]

Not long after we got Sara we decided it was time to get Daisy

Daisy on the day we got her [Daisy Day One Pic]

Daisy after a couple of weeks [Daisy-puppy Pic]

Daisy graduates dog training [Daisy and I Pic]

Molly on day one [Molly Day One Pic]

gotta love that "fluffy puppy" look[Love the 'do' Pic]

Big head, little puppy [Big Head Pic]

Molly Graduates[Molly Graduation Pic]

The little one weighs 40 pounds here [Both Together Pic]

Daisy wants to have a picnic[Daisy Picnic Pic]

and Bear says "Hey! Close the door you're letting all the cold air in" . . . [Bear in a dryer Pic]