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March 28 2013

I don't know if this really qualifies as a blog entry. It's really more of an announcement.

I started offering the website in a more mobile friendly format at It is essentially the same website, but without the images. It's not "feature phone" friendly as it still contains virtually all of the content of the full site (except for images) and therefore won't display well on very small feature phone screens. But for those of you with limited data plans on your mobile devices and those who don't want to waste time and bandwidth downloading images that you don't feel enhance the experience on your mobile device (or whatever device you're using at the time) the mobile version should be more than adequate.

The significant differences between the mobile and full sites are the removal of images and a modification of the scrolling system. You will notice that the full site does not always reorient correctly if you turn your mobile device and that when zooming in and out, the layout (of the full site) can appear corrupted on a mobile device. On the mobile site, the menu scrolls and enlarges with the other content and can be easily (and accurately) reoriented. The full site is not mobile friendly when enlarging (zooming), but the visually identical menu (and the address headers) on the mobile version scroll and zoom as you would expect. That coupled with removal of some of the specialized code for the full site makes the mobile site load a little faster and play a little nicer with your mobile devices.

In as much as my site is not graphic intensive (and because I hate sites that do this) my site will not attempt to detect what device you are using and switch you to the mobile site if you're using a mobile device. Instead, you can either go to the mobile site directly at or from the full site, click on the menu option for "Mobile Site". Similarly, the mobile site has a menu option to return you to the full site. Note that when using the menu to switch between sites, the menu will take you to the same page you are viewing on the other site. That is to say if you're looking at the BLAH-G on the mobile site and click over to the full site, it will take you directly to the corresponding BLAH-G page on the full site (so you can do this if you wish to see the images on the page you are currently visiting, for instance).

I don't know that there are many people who really need a mobile friendly version of a site that's likely to be visited relatively infrequently, but for those of you who prefer a little less overhead, I hope you enjoy it.